Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Verify in Field

V.I.F. Verify in Field. A notation an architect may include on their building's plans informing the contractor that conditions exist, uncertain measurements and dimensions that will require additional verification while on the actual construction site or field. In a large building there can be an infinitesimal number of these calculations that can only be known by standing in the actual built real-time place. It's in the hands of the practicing contractor now, the physical concrete world of nuts and bolts and depending on his skill level, sometimes plenty of caulk. The simple fact that you can open a bathroom door without it smashing into the toilet can be seen as a blessed affirmation of the contractor/architect symbiotic relationship. When it works the project thrives. When it doesn't, when a cavalier builder/developer goes off for example, on his own wild-hair tangents, disregarding their own engineering designs and structural plans, you should expect trouble. The new and improved "UnBuilding's Department" no longer rewards this kind of arrogant hubris.

Pride goes before a fall. Removing a 30' section of the foundation and its poured concrete pile cap. Is this part of the DoB's ongoing efforts to steer the Armory Plaza back on course? One disadvantage to being the "eyes and ears" for the Department, listening to a solid week of 70+ decibel levels of noise.

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