Thursday, November 29, 2007

614 7th Avenue goes to hell.

I took this picture last Tuesday. This is (was) the site of the infamous view blocking Minerva Building.

While the developer, Mr. Aron Lebovits has been rethinking his next move, the construction site has really gone to hell. Looking through a large hole in the plywood fence, you can see a stagnant pond with two old tires floating at one end. There is evidence of illegal dumping as well. Dozens of plastic bags filled with contractor debris, most likely from nearby residential renovation work, have been thrown over, well actually, through the fence forming two large piles. Most of the existing (grandfathered) foundation walls have been tagged by graffiti vandals.

Our friends at Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights have informed us that there are now two Stop Work Orders on the fence out front. Looks like they need to hire a new house keeper.

Why not check out the new CCGH you-tube video. While viewing, notice the "NO DUMPING UNDER 24 HOUR SURVEILLANCE" sign posted out front on the fence. Who's been watching? If Mr. Lebovits was smart he could figure out a way to blame this one on Ms. Minerva.

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