Tuesday, December 04, 2018

FOR SALE: 243 15th St. Wood Frame Tiny Home to Meet its Maker?

243 15th Street, South Slope between 5th and 6th Avenues has been on the market for awhile now, asking price $1,948,000. I think the current owner has already fracted a good deal of the equity from this little goose.
Real estate sites say it's currently in contract.

This 25 foot wide wood frame with no basement measures in at a meer 960 square feet and sits on a 1,654 square foot lot. Not sure what you can build on a 66 foot deep lot but it has the width, and the zoning...R6B gives it a FAR booster but still that's not much of a rear yard.  U. Santini owns the parking lot at 245 and they use it to park their moving trucks. 247 15th Street is privately owned as well.

Dug up these depression era 1940's tax photos showing the property in its glory days. Beautifully laid cobblestone street with trolly tracks.  The lettering in the window says ROOFING. The adjacent faimily owned U. Santini moving and storage warehouse has been around since 1930.

Another photo of the property with the Tax Man in plain view.  These 1940's photos are available for sale online at NYC Department of Records

Just in case they decide to demolish this home I thought I would record this detail of the original surviving cornice.

Aerial map showing the property (tiny pink square) and neighborhood as it existed in 1921. 

Occasionally you'll find a gem or two on the NYC Department of Buildings BIS property information web site. Here is a copy of the 1931 Certificate of Occupancy which officially defines and gives the owner permission to use the address for a "Private Garage for three (3) machines.  Also listed are the original owners William H. Kane and Helena J. Kane.  

William H. Kane's obituary from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle dated June 20th, 1944.  Mr. Kane, a master plumber, died in the house after 35 years of owning and operating his own business. Looks like he might of done some roofing as well as plumbing according to the sign in the window.  IMBY will keep an eye on this property and let the reader know what becomes of the little wood frame. Stay tuned.       RIP    W. H. Kane.