Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still Unbuilding

Quality Housing includes recreation areas.

This is, a professionally certified job.

"I hereby state that I have exercised a professional standard of care in
certifying that the filed application is complete and in accordance with
applicable laws, including the rules of the Department of Buildings, as of
this date. I am aware the Commissioner will rely upon the truth and
accuracy of this statement. I have notified the owner that this
application has been professionally certified. If an audit or other exam
discloses non-compliance, I agree to notify the owner of the remedial
measures that must be taken to meet legal requirements. I further realize
that any misrepresentation or falsification of facts made knowingly or
negligently by me, my agents or employees, or by others with my knowledge,
will render me liable for legal and disciplinary action by the Department
of Buildings and other appropriate authorities, including termination of
participation in the professional certification procedures at the
Department of Buildings."

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