Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Light and Air: AiA Proposes an Upzoning.

Are we there yet?
Hills of Tuscany? Pass the Chianti, we're still in Brooklyn.
Some public buildings were designed to reign over our horizons. The 8th Avenue Armory looking East.

For a detailed discussion of the proposed AiA zoning changes, I suggest you head over to Brownstoner or The Gowanus Lounge.

"One of these days the sun's gonna come up and burn a hole clean through the planet like a giant electrical x-ray."

You know Lula, with all that I've seen in recent years I've gotten to be an overly suspicious paranoid who can't help but suspect that there is some conspiracy afoot. Bringing something out into the light and air is an effective antibacterial germ killer. Let's see if these proposals survive.

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