Friday, November 16, 2007

Written in Stone

Progress is a myth.
You know the awful feeling- you are driving in your car and you have made the stop at the red light when, with out warning, your car starts to slowly move forward despite the fact that you have your foot securely on the brake. So you press down a little harder and still the car continues to move forward. Immediately your heart races in a blind panic, and fearing there is some mechanical failure in progress, you instinctively jam down on the brake peddle as hard as you possibly can , but still your car keeps rolling. You're thinking now in another split second that "All is lost. The car will not stop moving. I am heading out into the middle of traffic..."
It's right about then, when you suddenly realize that the car next to you is actually backing up. Your perceptions were fooled. You haven't even moved an inch. You have been standing still the entire time.

After the threat of having their permits revoked, Bricolaged Designs finally pulled it all together and got the amended plans approved by the Department of Buildings. Not wasting any time or taking any chances someone might change their mind, they went ahead and poured the concrete slab for the ground floor today. I suspect bigger and better things to follow. Now that they are out of the hole, let's see if they can keep within the R6B 50' zoning height limitations.

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