Friday, December 12, 2008

The ugliest "building" in Park Slope*

A personal crisis and a miraculous cure for gastroenteritis.
My medieval popular Catholic view of the world- a belief that my personal misfortunes are brought about by God as punishment for some misdeed or sin, requires that I keep a vow promised to my patron, Saint Imby, in order to obtain supernatural intervention and fast intestinal relief.

Time again to make my sacred pilgrimage to the Holy Quest of the Diagnostic Cathedral on 13th Street in the South Slope.

Piu Brutto! Legend has it that the stone for it's magnificent arched facade was looted from the Borough of Queens during the first of four crusades to Astoria in the early 21st century.

Saint Imby's Venerated Relics on View: Blood droplets in small calibrated glass reliquaries trimmed in gold leaf. Bejeweled stool samples stacked from floor to ceiling in the cellar catacombs. Most insurance plans excepted. *


Anonymous said...

My wife and I def think this every time we pass this building. (It is half a block from our house.) But what was the history of it? Was there once a small theater there? It seems to have the feeling of a once useful facade and large interior. Maybe no?

IMBY said...

It's definitely an alteration of an existing building built in the last century around 1925 or so. Over the years they may have made numerous alterations. The Certificate of Occupancy records show the building being used from the 1920's on up until recently as a Public Garage for more than 6 cars/Automobile Service Center.
It's current C of O lists Laboratory and Medical Offices. The building also has an additional address of 331-333 14th Street... The Park Slope Family Day Care Center located next to the Verizon Building.