Monday, December 22, 2008

Tree Sweater on 16th Street

What a feeling.

This street tree somehow makes me think about this one legged dancer I dated back in the 80's- Maybe it reminds me of the way on frigid days just like today, she would hop up and down like a pogo stick in our tiny cold water flat, screaming in her best Ed McMahon sounding voice, "Hoooooow cold is it... Kimosabie!".... coaxing a smile from my face in the same way this spirited tree cozy does now. Or heck, maybe it's just that specific orange colored yarn.

Anyway, when I saw this the other day I thought it was funny, you know funny weird. But then you know what's really so special about crocheting and the Internet? It's the way they bring completely isolated strangers together who share similar, yet very rare niche obsessions or unusual interests. Suddenly that misunderstood psychopathic tree hugging teenage knitter-bomber in Rapid City can connect with a kindred spirit in Seattle, or Cleveland, or Brooklyn for that matter. The world gets a little smaller, don't you know. Isn't that what the High Holidays are all about?

Meanwhile, across this great country...
Treesweater Pattern

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MD said...

methinks it might be racheal and sarah. observe:

the question is: if you're hit with a yarn bomb, does it hurt?