Monday, December 15, 2008

Can you identify this construction site?

Click it! to enlarge.

You walk by this site everyday. The lot is 25' wide x 100' deep... Do you know where it is? It's been this way for at least 6 years.
Hint: It's in the south Slope.


Anonymous said...

12th st between 6th and 7th and yes I have been walking past the stairs to nowhere for years.

Anonymous said...

I have seen those stairs to nowhere for years. 12th st between 6th and 7th ave.

IMBY said...

Anonymous, you are correct sir/madame. 383 12th Street to be exact.
From the DoB BIS web pages...

1/5/2007 Dangerous bldg, places & things. noted: at time of insp at the above site site was viewed to be abandoned foundation were left in place site is not enclosed from all side by a fence as per code to prevent public

1/5/2007 Failure to obtain a permit/ fence. noted: on 9/14/06 a viol has been issued for the plywood fence at the above address the fence is 8' & required a permit last fence permit (permit #301470762) has been expired

9/14/2006 Failure to obtain a permit-fence.upon inspection 8' plywood fence cons t. fence erected front of 383 12 st approx 15' long.last permit has expired 11-19-03 permit #301470762. site is abandoned demo abandoned

7/12/2006 Expired fence permit upon insp bldg demo to grade found wall in place, construction fence in place & fence permit expired on 11/19/03.remedy:renew fence permit

7/12/2006 Expired demo permit.upon insp @ above property bldg was demolished to grade, foundation wall still in place & demo permit# 301470762 was exp ired on 11/19/03 dob records shows no demo permit has been renewed

2/2/2004 Failure to post contractor's sign at time of inspection it was observe d that there were no contractor's sign posted on the project.remedy:pr ovide contractors sign.

2/2/2004 Expired permit(fence)att time of inspection dept record shows that per mit # on 11/19/03.remedy:renew permit.

2/2/2004 Expired permit at time of inspection department record shows that perm it#301082995 expires on 11/6/03 and had not been renew(construction new bldg)remedy:renew permit