Wednesday, December 17, 2008

400 15th Street: What's in your wallet?

Imby's State of the Slope Address begins today.

Our Survey of the South, so to speak. Thought I would shoot the load, photographically speaking, and let you take in my entire collection of neighborhood buildings jpg's before the end of this wonderful year. Because every thing doesn't always have to have a biblical beginning and an end, especially in Brooklyn.

400 15th Street: All we can really do is live in the present. Sad to say nothing has happened at this site since August. Not a creature is stirring for months now. Has the river of money dried up? This still born baby condo has been plagued with health problems from the start. There's actually been a lot of work done over the years, unfortunately it's mostly been on the neighboring buildings... to repair their damaged walls and foundations.

(Ab0ve) June 2006

(Above) The "double blumpkin" back in March of 2007.

(Above) November of 2007

(Above) Iron in February 2008

Presently, back and front pictured below, December 2008

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