Monday, July 31, 2006


As promissed, today's the day that we begin our crack monitoring of 1504 8th Avenue.
31 July, 2006 @ 6pm Eastern.

Lets start with #1,#2,#3, and #4...

Ladies and gentlemen,
Get your thixotropic epoxy adhesive ready...
Let the crosshair shifting begin!

For my gentle readers who wish to try this at home, I have included product/price information at left.

For as little as $59.91 per CrackPAK, you can get your structural engineering thang on in the privacy of your own crack infested building. Complete satisfaction guaranteed. Product arrives via USPS in a plain brown wrapper. Your neighbors will never know!

1 comment:

Greg said...

I stumbled on your blog from Google search and love your pics of the Crackmon® crack monitors. We are the manufacturer of the latest generation of these devices and would like to write a "story" for our website on your project. I realize this was back in 2006, but what's the best way to reach you to follow up? You have some great pics (closeups) and I'd like to hear more about the project and the outcome! You can reach us via our website at Keep up the good work! Greg.