Friday, July 28, 2006

100% amateur crack monitoring

To satisfy the insatiable appetite for new architectural voyeurism. IMBY will begin offering today's visitors a little taste of future courses, (all of the masonry kind), at no extra charge. We plan on bringing you the finest in amateur architectural masonry crack monitoring. All of our cracking "bric-pics" are Guaranteed 100% Active.
Loose Mortar Cohesiveness! Cracking Lintels! Step Cracking! Close-ups! We promise new crack-updates each week. All our masonry is vulnerable to short term structural failure! Amateur engineers and crack monitoring aficionados... enjoy.

Visit our exclusive "Crack Next Door" thumbnail gallery. Seeing is Believing! Click on any image to engorge.

Latest word on the fate of 1504?
Three families have moved back in.
The Department of Buildings will be installing 15 crack monitoring devices that will be examined on a daily basis. Furthermore, a surveyor will go out every two days to make a survey and report the findings to the DoB.

"The Architect" will have to submit structural plans for 406-408 15th Street before the Stop Work Order is lifted on the site.

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