Sunday, July 16, 2006

Perspective Lessons

These views of South Brooklyn are brought to you by NYC OASIS, (Open Accessible Space Information System Cooperative). To quote Huggy Bear, "It's all about the green, baby."

For those who still think of Brooklyn as a "concrete jungle", I offer you this bird's eye view of the South Park Slope/Windsor Terrace/Greenwood Heights neighborhoods. We're nestled between Mr. Calvert Vaux and Mr. Federick Law Olmsted's bosoms (a.k.a. Prospect Park) and the historic Greenwood Cemetery. It's down right bucolic round these parts. The green patches between the houses are backyard garden spaces most no larger than 40 or 50 feet deep. The green you see along the avenues are our public street trees made up of Ginkos, Oaks, Cherries, Flowering Pears, and London Planes.

Now add the buildings in grey.

You can see this aerial photograph was taken before the demolition of 400 15th St parking garage, and Rojas Bakery. There are even cars visible in the parking lot at 408 15th.

Infared enhanced photos. Predator v. Alien view.

In 2002, when this data was gathered, you could still see on the map a long strip of green between Windsor Place and Prospect Avenue. There existed a secret meadow where white buffalo grazed, and prancing meerkats played on the backs of unicorns amongst fragrant wildflowers and natural sweet grasses.

This is how it looks today. Can't blame this one on Global Warming, Mr Gore.
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