Saturday, July 15, 2006

M...I...C, K...E...Why?

These photos were taken back on June 9th. They show what appears to be my neighbors composting bin consumed by a sink hole during the installation of a pile directly behind their garden lot line. What are these guys doing wrong? Or, is this the nature of the beast to swallow up the surrounding soil each time a hole is bored. Is there no method for protecting our rear gardens from being damaged? This is the third time that someone's property has been affected. Two violations have been issued by the D.O.B. and the E.C.B. already. I am beginning to fear for the apartment buildings on the East lot line as they will be just a few feet from the boring and most certainly will be damaged if the contracting team doesn't start rethinking their foundation proceedures.

A typical 311 complaint to the Department of Buildings gets "resolved" before a true and proper inspection is performed.

The contractors have more or less said that if we, the neighbors, would have been more cooperative from the start, none of this damage would have happened. There are at least 100 more piles to set before excavation can start.

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