Wednesday, July 26, 2006

There's got to be a morning after.

If you happened by 1504 8th Avenue you might think they were filming a low budget remake of some 1970's Irwin Allen disaster flick.

In the background, you have your government officials trying to reassure the angry survivors that everything was under control, while in the foreground you see panic stricken people running out the door and down the steps carrying a television set, Thomas the Train pillows, and a potted fern, all at the same time.
I distinctly heard a woman yell to Ken Lazar, "Officer, officer, they're looting the Food King" in an attempt to distract him long enough to try and retrieve one last possession from her apartment before they sealed the door to the building. "Hey, come on guys, this is my job!" Lazar pleaded as another tenant scooted by carrying a Lazy Boy recliner. "No, seriously!"

Department of Building officials weren't to happy to see moving trucks in front of the building. "I got 3/4 of my stuff out before they stopped me. This stuff is going into storage and I'm going to be staying with friends," said a young man covered in perspiration.

Others have already signed new leases. Mothers standing guard over their baby's crib as reporters lined up for their chance at an interview.

Still no official word as to when or if the building will be repaired. Oh yeah. Ken Lazar is Brooklyn's Community Liaison Person with the Dept. Of Buildings. That's him standing in the doorway with the dark green shirt. (top photo) Can you possible think of a more difficult job right now? I think he is eligible for combat pay.

Late Breaking News From Officialdom: Behind the scene efforts produce great results. Community Board 7 District Manager Jeremy Laufer and Tom Gray from Council Member Bill deBlasio's office have managed to find temporary housing for 6 of the 7 families forced to vacate the building yesterday afternoon. The 7th person is still weighing their options before making a decision. More good news as a mediation session for the tenants and the landlord has been arranged by the Red Hook Community Justice Center to settle any remaining financial and legal issues. Finally, the Dept. of Buildings is offering, by appointment, to supervise the safe removal of any belongings that were left behind. Bravo!

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