Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bricolodged Village

While most of the civilized crack watching world has gathered outside 1504 8th Avenue, waiting for even the slightest movement in the crosshairs, I thought we could take a little walk around the neighborhood and check out some of the newer developments.

Here's a recent photo of Brickolodged Village on 22nd Street in Greenwood Heights. I hear the management company, in trying to maintain the architect's absolute design symmetry, requires every tenant to follow a strict set of rules and regulations when it comes to anything that might alter the exterior look of the towers. They can be pretty fascist about it and God forbid you screw up and hang your bath mat out on the balcony on a Tuesday, when everyone knows that bath mats go out on Mondays. And then ONLY if EVERYONE agrees the night before. I think they even have a mini-blinds coordinator on staff. Looks like everyone is trying their best at maintaining the artist's vision.

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