Wednesday, November 05, 2008

101 Prospect Park Southwest @ 16th Street

Windsor Terrorized

One of the first of the architect Henry Radusky's bricolaged designs to be executed in our area, 99-101 Prospect Park Southwest, is located on a triangular slice of land directly across from Prospect Park. This is how its windowless backside looks to the lucky residents of Sixteenth Street. Next to it, in striking contrast, are these two very colorful single story garages.


You really can't pass by without experiencing its starkness, all five stories of it. There is a massive Richard Serra-esque oppression about the facade. Stand at the base and look straight up. Feel the gravitational pull being given off by the brick?


I know the tip toes of my tennis shoes are much too large now to fit into the alternating zipper-like masonry corner feature. I try and climb it anyway.

C of Oh no
In order to meet the off street parking zoning requirements, the developer proposed a unique solution, a valet parking attendant. It seems, however, they may never have followed through on their scheme. Anyone know if they ever got their permanent Certificate of Occupancy?

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