Friday, April 04, 2008

It cost $50 for a D.O.T. Permit to legally place a container on a Brooklyn street for 90 days.

Street Obstruction

"It is illegal for anyone to place or leave any box, barrel, or other movable property (regardless of ownership) upon any public street or public place. This law applies to construction or demolition containers, which may only be placed on the street with a permit from the Department of Transportation."

The Office of Permit Management of the Bureau of Permit Management and Construction Control receives all permit applications and ensures that the necessary documents are included so they may begin the review process. The Office reviews applications, issues construction permits and applies appropriate fees. Permits are then issued to all utilities, plumbers, contractors, homeowners and other governmental agencies'; contractors, enabling them to work on the City's streets, which includes roadways, curbs, and sidewalks.

Learn the Status of Street and Sidewalk Construction Permits
Now you can learn the status of street and sidewalk construction permits throughout New York City. Use this application to find permits currently issued for street construction.

Just fill in the Borough... Brooklyn in our case, and fill in the Community Board... CB#7, and the Street... Let's say 16th Street, and click the "Search Permits" button at the bottom of the page. If you know the permit number or the contractor you can fill that in as well.

In our particular search of 16th Street, 8 permits came up. You know what, I don't see any DOT permits for 224 16th Street or MMG Contracting showing up on the search page. I do however, see that China Perfect, who is doing alteration work up the block, did spend the extra $50 to take out a DOT permit for their container to be placed on the street. MMG what's up?

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