Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Buildings Commissioner Lancaster hands over own head on platter.


In keeping with her personal pledge to improve accountability and transparency at any cost, Department of Buildings Com. Patricia Lancaster offered up her own severed head during a public sacrifice held this afternoon at Gracie Mansion.

"Today I submitted my resignation, which Mayor Bloomberg accepted. It has been an honor serving in his administration and I thank the Mayor for this opportunity. After six years in public service, I made this decision because I felt it was time to return to the private sector. I am proud of the groundbreaking work the department has done during my tenure to root out corruption, increase transparency, overhaul the building code and increase safety for workers and the public alike. My message today to the talented and capable staff at the Department of Buildings is to keep up the hard work: you’ve made so much important progress. It has been my distinct pleasure working with you."

Ms. Lancaster, we are nothing without you! --IMBY

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