Wednesday, April 02, 2008

390 14th Street breaks... ground.

BK Developers Inc. /390 SIM Development LLC/ Mark Zeldin

Another infill development is under way on 14th Street just below the brand spanking new Park Slope Armory Sports Facility in Brooklyn's far South Slope. The proposed 47' tall, 4 story+cellar+attic masonry building will have 6 dwelling units contained within 7,000sq.ft. This is a R6B zoned, 25' wide lot between 7th and 8th Avenues.

That's it.
The off-white house with the 2nd floor deck, and large tree was recently demolished by MMG Contracting, Inc. The tree was also removed in the process.
Here are two "before" photos taken of the now demolished unattached wood frame home in all its glory. You can see that the back yard of 390 14th runs perpendicular and behind several 7th Avenue properties. These unattached frame houses sitting on 25' lots are very attractive to developers looking to build luxury condominiums. When it comes time to clear the way MMG Contracting is the "go to gal" for the Zeldin Empire.


Excavation, of some sort, has begun. There are already a few complaints from the neighbors who find the contractors a little careless. Inspectors from The Department of Buildings are having a difficult time gaining access to the construction site to witness the damages first hand. Maybe the DoB's Forensic Unit will have an easier time at it later on down the road.
The red brick building in the background? That's 359 15th Street of course, in its more concentrated form.

Just for the hell of it... Not that it matters... $7,500... Two defaulted E.C.B. violations from our old friends at MMG Contracting.

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