Monday, April 21, 2008


The Loch Windsor Monster sighted.
How might 1638 Eighth Avenue look today if it were finished?
Our long delayed, ECB violation prone, 27 unit condominium project looks as if it may finally be ready to poke its head above water and introduce itself. This mythic beast has been under construction for what seems like an eternity. Sandwiched between Windsor Place and Prospect Avenue on one narrow, god forsaken sloping spit of land... Has it been 6 years already?... Workers appear to have things back under control, at least for this moment.

For now anyway, the stop work orders have been lifted, the permits renewed, the site drained of standing water, and yes the concrete finally poured.
Look folks, you can see for yourself the grandfathered-in, BSA vested foundation really does exist after all!

In Tomorrowland
Architect Karl Fischer's Epic "Prospect Terrace" as seen in the renderings below are from the developer's website, www. BOBKER

In the first image, is this what it will look like from 8th Avenue? I don't see any curb cuts. The second image gives you an idea on how they will be handling the change in grade as the property slopes southwestward towards 7th Avenue. The green open areas are confusing. The foundation as it lays now, covers the entire site. Will some of this area be topped off with grass or is the illustration just rendered in a way that the existing rear yards along Windsor Place and Prospect Avenue are shown without fences, ect?
You can check out their other projects, currently in the works for Park Slope, Williamsburg, Bensonhurst, Brighton Beach, and Gravesend Brooklyn over here.

87 complaints so far and counting.
There may come upon a time when no one remembers the disruption in the quality of life. Eventually the hardships may even be forgotten. But for those adjoining property owners still seeking some sort of retribution for damages done, did you know that you can pull back those big velvet Prospect Terrace, L.L.C. curtains and meet the Australian Bobker family? You can find Avi, Ali and Ben's photos, phone numbers, and email addresses right here. It may help to expedite those remedial repairs if you redirect your complaints right to the source instead of bothering with 311. Or, you know, maybe not.

The yellow backhoe arching up in the distance belongs to the demolition crew of 379 Prospect Views, LLC.
Current demolition photos can be viewed

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