Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Build your Dream Home at....534 17th Street!

Listed at: $695,000.

Park Slope?

Build your Dream Home at....
534 17th Street Brooklyn New York 11215

Located between Bucolic Prospect Park West and 10th Avenue.

General Information
Block : 877 Lot : 25
Lot Size : 20 x 100.17
Building Size : 20 x 30
Zoning : R5B
FAR as built : .58 Allowable FAR : 1.35

You can build an additional 1540sf or.....You can build a 2700sf home...Not including the basement... WHAT EVER YOU DO, FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T GO IN THE BASEMENT!!!!
Offered at $695,000.

Curb Appeal: Field of Dreams Home

Some photos of the front yard when Boo Radley still lived in the house. Just think, all of this green fits neatly into those plastic bags left behind in the front yard in the realtor's photo above.

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