Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Tear Down & Build Up? Oops!

At IMBY we pride ourselves in knowing the difference between our asshole and a hole in the ground, but some times we make a bloggin' mistake. In our recent voyage into Greenwood Heights searching for restored, aluminum-free wood frame homes, "Scrap Aluminum" we came across a house on 23rd Street, specifically 312 23rd St. that we assumed was in the middle of being renovated. It turns out that the reason the aluminum siding had been removed was that the building is actually being dismantled . It was sold to a developer and is being demolished as we speak to make way for more modern brick condos like the ones with t h o s e b a l c o n i e s pictured to the right in the photos below. Oops!

Greenwood, now a little less woody.
As it turns out, The Neighbors are planning to visually document the entire process and post it up on the world wide web, start to finish. It should be an interesting photo spread. Can't wait for February's Miss Under Pinning special centerfold later this spring. Check out their new web site "Tear Down & Build Up" for all the graphic details, over time.

A little advice from the folks at IMBY... Living next door to a construction site can have its share of trials and tribulations. Be careful. There seems to be a fine line between careful observation and voyeuristic obsession. Try to embrace this change and as always may God have mercy on your souls.

312 23rd St before photo from "Tear Down & Build Up"

When we found her she looked like this, stripped bare.

Dust to Dust. Tearin' down the house.

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