Friday, December 07, 2007

Scrap Aluminum

So I guess you know by now my preference for establishing "aluminum-free siding zones" in the South Slope and beyond. As a service to you homeowners thinking of blowing what's left of that sub prime adjustable rate mortgage or home equity loan on a major improvement project this coming Spring, I offer the following pictorial inspiration.
Actually it's my second attempt at getting you to go all natural. The first, "Got Wood" was very well received.
So if you like what you see, but still can't figure out how to cook the books and pay for the work, here's a link to Demolition Scrap Metal and Salvage News. See how much that scrap aluminum is worth in the Five Boroughs. Up to the minute!

Here are a couple of homes in the South Slope to start you off.
This is an interesting juxtaposition between two "identical" wood frame houses sharing a party wall. The home on the left still has its cornice hermetically sealed in aluminum wrap. The house on the right retains the original porch.

(Pictured Below) An unusual side by side comparison between new contextual brick construction and its neighbor, an old wood frame that has been restored. What better argument against the use of these useless intrusive balconies.

I'll build my house of sticks.

Greenwood Heights has it's fair share of facade face lifts. This one, (below) sits right across from Green Wood Cemetery. I like its modern artist's take on the "siding issue". The door and cornice match. The facade is corrugated galvanized metal sheeting.


11th Street Between 3rd and 4th Avenues.

Not that I'm saving the best for last, but this is a remarkable grouping. I can't think of another place in all of Brooklyn where so many of the original wood frame row houses, standing side by side on a single block, have been either recently restored to their former glory or have been so well maintained over the years that they look new. What is even more surprising is that it occurs below 4th Avenue in what I guess you would call the industrial part of Gowanus or, more recently, G-Slope. Nice to see a "Balcony Free" solidarity of vision.

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