Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Unsafe Conditions?

So today they started to shore up 1502 8th Avenue. It didn't last very long. The "police" showed up and the work stopped shortly after. I'm not sure if they were part of the Buildings Department Emergency Enforcement Unit. They were wearing dark green uniforms that said NYC on them.

The contractors were using the always on site, large orange telescoping fork lift with a yellow strap looped over one of it's forks attached to this 30' steel I-beam. They were attempting to hoist it up and back against the rear wall of 1502 and then suddenly, they retreated. It must not have looked to safe. Someone made a call to 311. Complaint no. 103. I'm guessing the residents of 1502 are not that happy... you know... living in a damaged building right this minute.

Of coarse, when the Department of Buildings arrived there was "no crane on the site". Is a fork lift that can reach 5 stories considered a crane?

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