Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sunset Park High School vs.* Central Los Angeles High School #9

*For entertainment purposes only.

"East Coast" Sunset Park High School
Architect: Hillier Architecture
General Contractor: The Leon D. DeMatteis Construction Corporation
Expected Completion Date: November 2009

The 35th Street side as viewed from Dunkin' Donuts.

Fourth Avenue facade directly across the street from Green Wood Cemetery.

As seen from Third Avenue and 35th Street while lurking below the Gowanus Expressway.
The John D' Emic Sr. Memorial Playground is in the foreground.

34th Street side viewed from 4th Avenue

34th Street detail

Topped off.

"West Coast" LA Central HS #9
Architect: HMC Architects/Coop Himmelblau
Completion Date: May-2008

The new Central Los Angeles High School #9 is located in downtown Los Angeles at the northern end of Grand Avenue on the historic Fort Moore Hill. By virtue of its proximity to the theater and music companies of the Los Angeles Music Center, the Colburn School Performing Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Walt Disney Concert Hall, the site is well suited for a comprehensive high school with a focus in dance, music, theater, and visual arts. Students will select a specific course of study within the core curriculum that focuses on the performance and visual arts. Throughout the campus, spaces have been designed as opportunities for performances and exhibitions.

"The Los Angeles Unified School District is currently engaged in the largest school construction building program in our history. Over the next ten to 12 years we will complete the construction of 155 new schools to accommodate explosive growth in our student population. New schools and site expansions will require the acquisition of over 450 acres of land, some of which we have already acquired. The total estimated cost of the Master Plan program is approximately $11.2 billion dollars. Funding has been identified from various sources including State Proposition 1A bonds, local Proposition BB Bonds, and developer fees."

Construction Photos November 2007.

More Photographs available from Los Angeles Unified School District.

"...spaces have been designed as opportunities for performances and exhibitions"... like maybe Logan's Run: The Musical or, something featuring Jason "Wee Man" Acuña and a stolen shopping cart.

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