Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beer Table opening soon.

There Will Be Beer.

Pine no longer. The proprietors of Beer Table, Justin and Tricia Philips, are promising to seduce us with rare and special brews in an intimate setting. I can't remember hearing anyone repeat those exact vows since maybe back in my Milwaukee high school daze, when that usually meant sharing a warm 12 pack of PBR's in the rear seat of my Mustang... With my girlfriend... At the drive-in... And did they actually say preserved snacks? How did they know Pink Pickled Eggs are considered an aphrodisiac where I come from?

about beer table
"Though we are not open yet, we just found out that we've been conditionally approved for our liquor license. Once we actually receive the document (hopefully this week), we will open for business! It is possible that we will open on Saturday, February 2nd at 5 PM, but we cannot confirm this until Friday. Please sign onto our e-mail invitation list for an official update."

We look forward to sharing a beer with each of you soon!

If they have beer, and if they have tables... what more could someone ask for.

Look for new beer @ 427 B 7th Avenue (between 14th & 15th Streets in Park Slope), Brooklyn, NY 11215

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