Friday, May 02, 2014

Greenwood Clusterkerfluffle asking $1.475 million

325 20th Street in Greenwood Heights is up for grabs.    Long time IMBY crack addicts will remember this site as a major pain in the ass to both adjoining property owners and the Department of Buildings back in 2008.  

 Stalled site 325 20th Street is asking $1.475 million.   Back in 2007 Architect Henry Radusky's plans to build a 4 story building collapsed after faulty foundation work led to ECB violations and stop work orders.

Today back filled and overground.

I-beam raking shores still in place now concealed by mother nature.

Flashback:  Excavation without shoring allows neighbor's garden to cave into the hole.  These photos document post violation remedial repairs.

Flashback:  New shoring after the fact.

Crack epidemic:  Plastic monitors placed over the stair step cracks in adjoining property.  The building's wall had to be reinforced with steel i-beam rakers to control any additional movement.

Raking Shores

From the IMBY Archives:

325 20th Street: The Tao Construction, Inc./Henry Radusky / Louis Sanchez cluster-kerfuffle, now seeing red, again.

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