Friday, May 02, 2014

Full Demolition For 288 19th Street

288 19th Street not long for this world full demolition permitted. Plans for a new  4 story, 3 dwelling unit  residential building awaits R6B zoning approval.   This property sold for $895,000 back in January 2014.  The lot is 25'x100'.

Under a new program called Hub Self-Service, New York State-licensed architects and engineers can professionally certify plans for small construction projects (Alteration 2 and Alteration 3) without visiting a Department office. Through the Department’s website, applicants can create online accounts, complete the necessary electronic forms and upload the proper documents in order to receive approvals and obtain construction permits. Alteration 2 and 3 applications are typically submitted when there is no change in use, occupancy or egress.

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