Tuesday, March 04, 2008

546-548 4th Avenue, aka 147 Fifteenth Street

More 15th Street development photos, this time all the way down the hill to the corner of Fourth Avenue. For 20 years 546-548 Fifteenth St. has been vacant and more or less allowed to rot and fall apart. When the wooden cornice fell off a few years ago, they just covered a large part of building in ugly sheet metal bandages. Finally in June of 2007 they tore down the buildings. The demolition contractor on this mess was none other than MMG Construction who received this site safety award for another job well done. Currently a Stop Work Order is in place until they finish water proofing the next door neighbor's building. That explains the scaffolding. There are no plans on file for any new construction.
The unabridged copy: Building's Dept. complaints mega list.
Apparently it's much harder than you think to build a plywood fence that can remain in an upright position.

We still have a few more buildings to go this week before our South Slope Tour of 15th St. is complete. Stay tuned.

When I think of all the endless choices available out there in exterior masonry water-proofing design, why would anyone choose this wall paper pattern?

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