Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stopped work

Nothing much happening at the site since the Stop Work Order was issued. Four additional boring tests were made to a depth of 60'. I understand that no water was discovered during the tests, yet the steel pilings that have been installed so far have standing water at 36 feet. Still no way of knowing what exactly is going on behind the big velvet curtain that is the Brooklyn Department of Buildings. The rumor that Radusky has filed new foundation plans has so far turned out to be just a rumor. A trip to the DoB reveals no new anything having been filed.

The DoB came by the other day to check on whether the backyard garden wall has been repaired as ordered. No one was home to allow access. Nothing has been done. No one contacted me about making repairs. I need to call and make a date with an inspector. I am not sure how another fine by the Environmental Control Board will get us any closer to getting the wall repaired.

When you have your first child you worry about the usual things, like germs and falls from the changing table. Sometimes at night you find yourself dreaming these horrifically exaggerated death scenarios like when your child is sucked out a shattered airplane window on the way to visit grandma's house. Highly unlikely. Recently a sickening image crosses my mind now and again concerning those 60' deep piles. Most of the steel tubes have been left uncovered, and having an 18" wide opening, they are just big enough for a small child to slip into. I will spare you the details of my nightmare as to what happens after the child falls. Needless to say, there would be no hope of surviving such a fall seeing that the bottoms are filled with water. With so many small children playing in the area and the construction fence having many unsecured openings, this catastrophe may not be so far from reality. I will tell the inspector when he comes if they could repair the fence and cover the holes.

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