Thursday, August 24, 2006

John 20: 24-29

Crack Watch Update: Doubting Thomas Edition.
It seems the original crack monitors were removed and replaced recently with a totally different numbered set. This kind of sabotages our attempt to bring you, the faithful public, 24hour Live Crack Updates. So now that all of our crosshairs have been re-set to zero, only the Department of Buildings will really know if the foundation of 1504 8th Avenue is still on the move. All this power in the hands of so few?

These clandestine actions by unknown agents of the D.o.B. will do nothing more than to feed the widening crack conspiracy theories that people in the Amateur Crack Monitoring community have privately feared for far too long. I couldn't possible go into each and every theory being discussed tonight in the internet A.C.M. chat room, but let's just say this kind of thing has happened before. Enough said.

"Blessed are they that have not seen yet have believed."

So where do we go from here skeptics? I don't blame you for your lack of confidence. I have struggled with my own doubtful attitude. I have suspended judgment up until now in the belief that only hard core scientific testing in the steady, graceful hands of The Surveyor, might provide some absolute truth and dispel the rumors. Then again, I have seen the cracks for real, and they seem to be getting wider.

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