Thursday, June 08, 2006

How Henry Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life.

Every girls got to have her dreams...crushed! Word has come down from someone who has seen the latest drawings for the future Armory Plaza, that we shouldn't expect much more from Bricolage Designs than the usual, Early 21st Century Fedders School gulag. (Buildings designed according to the "Fedders School" have the obligatory namesake air conditioner vent grill placed beneith undersized windows.) It will no doubt be a twin copy of the Deadwood Heights 9 story beauty built at 266 22nd Street in 2004. In this case the copy is much more dwarf like in appearance. Shorter, with a lot less poise and grace than 266, something not even an intern from Methodist Hospital would want to live in.

The developer, Mr. Locicero, may be more interested in what's built below the surface than what is left standing above it, specifically his three levels of underground parking. There is still hope. Bricolage and Locicero could bring starchitect Richard Meier on board to jazz up the Armory Plaza's cellar space.
A rumor that Meier and Radusky are collaborating on the parking garage has yet to be substantiated.
Area expeditors have pre-filed plans for an underground parking facility featuring glass curtain walls, that will provide 360 degrees of unobstructed subterranean river front views. Prices for condo parking spaces could reach $1200/foot, a first for Brooklyn. According to a Corcoran minion, Gimli, son of Glon, has already reserved a space.

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