Friday, June 23, 2006

The Eastern Front

Much faster "progress" this week as the workers are able to install several foundation piles a day. Each work day begins with water being pumped out of the surrounding area using a large hose. They have changed their methods slightly in the way they finish pounding the piles into the ground. They now fill an excavator's bucket full with dirt before they slam it down on top of the pile. Corking the bat? You can see the amount of force necessary to set the piles by the bent edges of these 60' long steel tubes.
You can see how the boring process is not so exact, as the opening of the excavated hole is much bigger than the actual 18'' diameter of the pile. That sure explains the collateral damage to our back yard garden spaces. Notice the small cement foundation wall under the existing chainlink fence. It has prevented the usual sink hole that occurs on the other side of the property line. Heavy rain is predicted for this weekend.

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