Tuesday, June 05, 2012

299 16th Street Wood Revival

Construction blooms
Spring has sprung and Summer is now here. The Southern Slope's air is filled with the pulsing sounds of power miter saws and pneumatic nail guns. 
Let's take a look at two recent real property sales and their nearly complete gut renovations.
The before picture:  This 1,440sf two family, 299 16th Street, sold for $812,000 back on September 13th,  2011.  The new buyers wasted no time in gutting the interior back to the studs.
299 16th Street sporting its new full frontal facade lift. 
Nice fenestration.
The new owners have chosen to keep the humorously mis-designed gate with its molded concrete pillars featuring a backwards "WELCOME" sign and street address number.

Another gut renovation just up the hill on 16th Street and Eight Avenue next to the Sud's Laundromat, is reaching fulfillment.  Last sold for $915.000 on November 18th, 2011, it appears they are painting over the brick facade.   What do you think?

A gray, black and red color scheme.  New casement windows.

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