Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Windsor Terrace Two Family Membraned

534 17th Street is a three story, two family house designed by Baxt Ingui Architects, PC.   The  architect of record is Benjamin H. Baxt   Owner: Ellen Baxt    This 20' x100' lot is zoned R5B.   Building height is thirty feet.


 Before: Building Green                                                       For those of you familiar with the block's bucolic past, this is what you probably remember...  This tiny brick ruin of a building sitting waaaaay back at the rear of   the lot.   A sixty foot deep front yard is certainly a bygone luxury.

Premeditated Deforestation


DIY Homebuilding.
Not to many two family homes being built from scratch these days in this part of Brooklyn. Not that much vacant land left to develop. Building new almost always means tearing down something old.  

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