Thursday, January 20, 2011

I've got a bad feeling about this.

Windsor Terrace Edition, or should I say addition.

Troubled remudling job over in the heart of Windsor.  This charming row of well maintained 1940 single family homes is located on 11th Avenue between 17th and 18th Streets in Brooklyn just a half block off the Prospect Expressway.

Rana Partners, LLC purchased the house, 1715 11th Avenue,  in November 2008 for $510,000 and soon after  filed plans to add on this second story in February of 2009.   Looks like Stop Work Orders and building code violations for "Construction in Progress With Out Approved Plans" got  this little project placed onto the Stalled Construction Site Hall of Shame back in April of 2010.   Never fear, they have finally submitted plans for that 4 ton HVAC unit plopped up on the roof.

Here's my guess... Someone picked this house up at an estate sale under market with the big get rich quick idea of maxing out the FAR and flipping it... Pretty big mess for just  an additional 515 sq. ft. of living space, no?

The nearly identical homes on this R5B zoned block stand just 14' tall and have vintage basement level garages, slate roofs, and rusticated brick walls.      For flavor...

And now, The Official Paper Work... Click on image to expand.

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