Thursday, May 14, 2009

Prospect Park hosts The Rick Acevedo 4th Annual Zombie 10K Fun-Run for Charity

Prospect Park Brooklyn:

Turn out was pretty good this year. Much better than the previous three races. Good to see our Zombie community coming together to support such a worthy cause, although I'm not sure who Rick Acevedo actually is/was. Google search turns up that there is a roofing contractor by that name in Rye, New York. I'm guessing this charity is some kind of devastating hot tar or shingles related disability service organization.

In recent years Green Wood Heights/Windsor Terrace has become home to a pretty close-knit Zombie enclave of sorts. Whether their reanimation was the result of some Haitian voodoo curse or secret government infectious Raccoon fecal ringworm experiments gone dreadfully wrong, Zombies new to the neighborhood are finding long term living residents more than tolerant, welcoming them in with open, deliciously fleshy, arms.

Mindless race participants enjoying comic relief as provided by Comedy Central's Michael and Michael have issues.

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