Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IMBY & Armory Plaza celebrate anniversary.

Armory Height Plaza and Imby.blogspot.com

April is a special month for both of us. Four years of their construction, three years of blogging about said construction. Certainly a time to reflect on the many lessons learned...
Ummmm... Help me I'm drawing a blank here...

Special thanks to all those many anonymous architectural voyeurs who continue to drop in. Without your hits IMBY would not be the premier commercial-free south Park Slope Brooklyn Internet web site posting within the cyber world today.

Blue side walk sheds and mesh netting.

Some random photos from the past including this satellite aerial shot that captures a moment in time when 15th Street still had places to buy traditional Mexican Conchas and rent a kosher Ford Focus for the day. A time before our earth moved and the surrounding buildings followed.

Back then who could possible think that things (quality of life issues) could actually get worse off than the constant construction noise being generated from months of grinding away at all the old pointing between every bit of masonry making up the Armory's block long facade?

Four years and counting
Sink holes, cracked foundations, and DoB vacate orders: The making of 406-408 15th Street's Armory Heights Plaza in pictures. *click on pics to enlarge*

Mechanical demolition of Rosa's Bakery at 406 15th St. VIDEO LINK

Cracked side wall of 1504 8th Avenue. Eight families were forced out of the building after an emergency DoB vacate order was issued in July of 2006. VIDEO LINK

More than 200 60' long hollow steel tube piles were bored in place in order to construct the Armory Heights Plaza's underground parking garage. The rear and part of the side brick wall of 1504 8th Avenue removed. The building remains vacant to this day.

Excavating the three story deep pit.

The rear yard of 391 16th Street. Sink holes destroy the chain link fence.

The finished product. Yes they have their permanent Certificate of Occupancy!

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