Wednesday, April 15, 2009

400 15th Street looking for buyer.

100 days on the market and counting... No one working on the  site for months, permits expiring...
Anyone interested in finishing this baby off? Please? All the hard work is finished!

It comes with a set of easy to follow DoB approved Corporate Design of America, P.C. plans, so if you're good at assembling Ikea furniture for instance, I bet you could do most of the remaining work yourself in your spare time, on nights, and weekends. Ten additional years ought to be more than enough time to get'er done. Just in time for the next speculative real estate bubble cycle to kick in.

Not sure how all those new next door neighbors at the recently completed
Armory Heights Plaza would react to the quality of life issues... They are still moving in, but I bet they would pitch in if you could convince them it's in their own interest to complete this thing ASAP... For their own sanity. 

The tan bricked two story garage building in the foreground is 396 15th street.  The building farther down the street is 402, Rosa's Bakery, and of course the next building is 406-408, our beloved Armory Heights Plaza.

This is the rendering provided with the listing. Not very inspiring.

400 15 St Brooklyn, NY 11215
MLS ID #342576

Blast from the past. Heartache and hardship. Where did all their money go?

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