Sunday, April 05, 2009

Brooklyn's other Park Avenue now Shish-Kabobbing.

326 Park Avenue.

Standing directly beside the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway at the northern most border of the neighborhood known as Clinton Hill, between Grand Avenue and Steuben Street, you can find this address, 326 Park Avenue. This newly constructed two family has been wedged into a rather geometrically-challenged lot right where the Avenue makes a sudden dogleg left.

Spectraflame Broiled

Recently, one
sparkling meatlog has been skewered to the side of the building.
I believe you can choose from one of the following fine mouth watering PPG metal flake marinades:


Traci said...

I'm so confused. What is that thing - just decoration?

Bunkerlabs said...

I just saw that the other day! What the hell is it?

Luke Constantino said...

Accessory or necessity? I kind of like it, it's different!