Tuesday, February 03, 2009

406 15th Street Now Renting Apartments

First of the Month Milestone.

Looks like people have finally taken up residency in several of the twenty seven *Certified for Temporary Occupancy* apartments in the Armory Heights Plaza. Just two months shy of our four year anniversary.

To be honest I don't have any pictures of anyone actually moving in as proof, but I do have these photos of people moving out of the building next door, 1504 8th Avenue, during what came to be known at the time as the Brooklyn Buildings Department immanently perilous to your life cracktoberfeast forced emergency vacation order.
I know, I know, it's July of 2006, but if you just look at those faces, you can tell the tenants really, really, want to get in to their apartments (to get their stuff before the building falls apart).

Queuing up to get in.

Question, people who regularly read this blog...And how would you have known that the white dude wearing the flip flops wasn't getting ready to move in if I hadn't just told you otherwise?

If there are any of the old 1504 tenants still looking for a place to live, why not rent a place at the Armory Heights Plaza? Just think of the possibilities.

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SouthSlopeSuit said...

Where did all the renters come from? Seems like one morning, the building was fully occupied - no piecemeal arrival of renters as one would expect. None of the local realtors seem to have (had) any listings for this.
The tenants must have been drawn in by the big shiny chandelier...