Sunday, February 15, 2009

287-289 13th Street Progress Report

Is this a new strategy? An Environmental Control Board violation against the the bank that holds the mortgage on the property being developed; United International Bank, L.L.C. is listed as the respondent.

According to Property Shark, the developer 287-289 LLC has a $2,400,000 mortgage with United International Bank located at 41-60 Main Street, in Flushing.

Is this something we will be seeing more often as troubled building sites like this one languish? Regardless, it looks like someone is finally complying with the Buildings Department Stop Work Order because the neighboring damaged building has had its exposed brick wall parged and weather proofed, the iron rakers have been packed, and the entire site is now back filled to grade.



Wednesday, November 21, 2007
"UNLUCKY 289 13th St."

Monday, March 31, 2008
"289 13th Street progress report."

When you search the address on Google maps, this serendipitous image from the past of an unknown threesome appears. They seem to be checking out the full length cracks in the facade.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog and the info I get from it. I was wondering if you've ever considered adding in cross streets for some of your posts. With so many giant holes in the ground in South Slope it becomes hard to recall if I've personally walked by the site of one of your articles. I imagine this might detract a bit from the flow of the article, but it would help some of us readers.

Thanks for the great blog!

Anonymous said...

The three in front at least two are the attorneys for the neighbor. The neighbor whose building is cracked due to lack of up keep, this crack has been there for many year (per DOB, this is and extension). The crack may have gotten worse when a well was drilled a few homes down and a few years earlier. Yes the pylons didn't help either. But all in all it was a majority of the neighbors including the one next door to the lot who did not feel that the "Chinese" owner should build on this property, "who knows what type of people he would have move in" words from the wonderful neighbors. Yes, racist, narcissistic, oh I can go on. I personally observed a man lay on the floor, pull a piece of wood over himself and give the "neighbor" a smile and thumbs up 5 mins before an ambulance showed up. I observed the neighbor tell a tree removal company that it was ok to use the lot in order to obtain access to her tree in her yard. Same neighbor who is suing the owner, same neighbor who dumped all their old wood into the lot. Either no one has posted a comment or the person who created this blog is the "neighbor" or a friend of the "neighbor"