Thursday, January 15, 2009

411 17th Street Sells for $2,372,000

Condos on their way?

Is this the first step towards making this long time vacant shell ready for new inhabitants? The new owner/developer, Thomas Realty Associates, LLC has pulled permits for the "REMOVAL OF INTERIOR NON LOAD BEARING PARTITIONS, and to CAP AND REMOVE PLUMBING". Sounds like so far, only the inside is to be demolished, and that's good news. You can see this 45' tall, four story neighborhood standout on 17th Street between 7 and 8th Avenues right down the way from PS 10.

Nice Bones
I'm thinking it must be way over the FAR limitations for the current R5B zoning and probably couldn't get built as-is today. At 35 feet wide X 90 feet deep, this bulky building, with its 12 dwelling units, takes up almost the entire lot. Will be interesting to see how, and when, and if, this rehab/ renovation turns out.

United Industries & Constructing Co. is the General Contractor.

United Industries was also the G.C. for this new development at 252 18th Street.


Ajlouny said...

I like that fact that the facade of the building will remain. Its an upgrade to an old town with now real big changes, minus the graffiti.

Anonymous said...

There's a handwritten sign in one of the windows. They're rentals!