Friday, January 02, 2009

325 20th Street Update... Still A Five Legged Goat Roping Clown Show.

We continue our end of the year Survey of the South, State of the Slope Site Tour by heading over to Greenwood Heights and checking in on one of our more troubled projects. . Last time we ventured out across the Prospect Expressway, things were not going so well. Both neighboring buildings, 319 and 327 had suffered collateral damage during earlier excavation attempts. Currently their foundation hole has been back filled and a large scaffolding shed has been installed over the sidewalk. It looks like remedial repairs are being attempted on the cracked and sagging front facade of 319-321. However, Stop Work Order Violations are taped to both the front door of 319 and to the construction fence of 325.

The Brouhahahaha, it seems, began at 325 20th Street as soon as the backhoe operator switched on the ignition. Undermined foundations and damage to adjacent properties ensued. Throw into the mix an illegal basement apartment conversion, a half dozen stop work orders, failure to maintain violations, a sinkhole garden cave in, and some $68,000 in unpaid active DOB violations/ECB fines for the builder, and you have The Ultimate Shit Soup Sandwich Storm All You Can Eat Buffet.

This past year it's been like watching... A Dozen Monkeys Screwing a Football... Cuisinartists Herding Feral Cats Down a Flesh Funnel... A Fourth Dimensional Quagmirian Clusterkerfuffle... A Late Night Incestuous Drunken Double Brown Bagger Debacle... A Snafu'ed Douche Nozzle Circle Jerk... Watching this construction site has been like... having front row season tickets to a A Five Legged Goat Roping Clown Show.

The "I just threw up in my mouth" photo essay, behold.

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