Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nice things, in my back yard.

Spiderwort is a compact, clump-forming herbaceous perennial which typically grows to 12" tall. Purplish-blue (concord grape), three-petaled flowers (to 1.5" diameter) accented by contrasting yellow stamens are borne in terminal clusters (umbels) atop stiff stems. Numerous flower buds form in each cluster, but individual flowers open up only a few at a time, each for only one day, blooming in succession from May into August. Arching, iris-like, smoky, bluish-green leaves are folded lengthwise forming a groove. When the stems of spiderwort are cut, a viscous stem secretion is released which becomes thread-like and silky upon hardening (like a spider's web), hence the common name.

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