Friday, June 13, 2008

Brooklyn's Memorial Baptist Church Photo Tour

Memorial Baptist Church
1506 8th Avenue, Park Slope Brooklyn. LINK

Our post on Saturday, June 07, 2008 "Special Enforcement Needed to Save Brooklyn's Memorial Baptist Church: Recent Crack Comparison Data is in." focused on the very real physical threat to this century old church building. This week we see just what's at stake. Just what do we have to lose?

8th Avenue Triptych

The Choir Balcony, with it's sliding stained glass doors seen in their closed position.

The crazy quilt floor of the balcony. tiers illuminated by the light from the setting sun.

Pastor Stephen Christopher, in the organ loft.

The Pipes

The W. B. Williams Co. 1894

Organ Stops (levers on the right and left) are identified at the Console by the names of the pipes that they control. So the Stop that controls the Open Diapason rank has "Open Diapason" inscribed on the Stop Knob. Also inscribed is a number that corresponds to the length in feet of the longest pipe within that rank, so that the organist has some idea of the pitch. link

The Wind
Indicator. Why not Wind-icator?

Interesting passion...
The New York City Organ Project.

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