Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Partial Partial Stop Work Order for Armory Heights, L.L.C.

Excavation work on the Armory Plaza has been restricted for the second time with a new and improved sloppy seconds Partial Stop Work Order imposed on May 22nd. This DoB order prevents any work within 25 feet of the backyard of 1504 8th Avenue. The previous Partial Stop Work Order was rescinded just 20 days ago on May 2nd after the building was stabilized with iron T-bracing. Despite these precautions new cracks have continued to form in the side wall. The next new engineering problem on the horizon- What to do about the ground water that's been seeping in through the piling walls?

Recent photos of the rear facade of the building show how extensive the damage is.

A quick check of the side stairwell leading to the basement of The Memorial Baptist Church reveals that very recent, significant ground movement has occurred there as well. The masonry has completely separated from the building's foundation by more than 4"in places. The Church falls within this 25' restraining order, yet I don't believe the DoB is watching the deterioration of this property closely enough. You can see clear through to the other side of the wall. A large section of the concrete driveway in this same corner has also been damaged. It's actually "floating" after the ground beneath it disappeared.

April 16th "It begins"

May 23rd.

The Church's next door neighbor, 399 16th Street is also reporting new movement in their patio. Cracks are beginning to form in their basement floor as well. Cracks are continuing to grow in severity 100' feet to the West at 389 16th Street.

I would say it's time for the DoB inspectors to include everyone else in their investigations, not just 1504. Simple questions. Is this new damage resulting from the previous boring work, or from the current excavation work? If they believe it's from the current work and the piles are "moving", then shouldn't the public be warned of the danger?
I also see that survey cross marks have been applied to the facade of 1502 8th Avenue. Checking for movement? It's important to keep a very close watch on this occupied apartment building. The last time I looked, there appeared to be new cracking over the masonry arch leading to the cellar. A nearby window shows the same kind of surface "popping" of the brick that predated the massive failure of 1504. We don't need another emergency vacate order.

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