Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blogmaster "Jon Brownstoner" De-cloaks.


Nom de plume?

The Brooklyn based blogosphere nearly collapsed into its self today with news that some 37 year old, white, married dude is actually... believe it or not, The Jon Brownstoner.
According to an article in the March 26th edition of The New York Observer, some guy named "Jonathan Butler" has come forward claiming to actually be the real Jon Brownstoner.'s message boards exploded with dozens of anonymous comments all claiming, "Not fair, I'm Jon Brownstoner!". Among those besides Mr. Butler who are also laying claim to the title: Eletricgreek, Crown Heights Proud(the real one), and something named linusvanpelt.

Labs was able to procure this satellite image of what we believe is the bonafide, never-ever before seen head of Mr. Brownstoner.

The question on every one's mind right now... "Hey Jon, wow... who did you use to redo the brownstone on your front stoop? It looks great!"

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