Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"Tool Box Full of Hammers"

I have decided to start with the punchline and work backwards into the story to the point where I say, "Man walks into a bar".

Todays Special Hot Lunch Menu will consist of:

#1) Stuffed Pizza Sticks with Fruit Cup and Short Video of IMT AF-80 Drilling Rig Boring Holes Inside Metal Pilings

#2) Mock-Chicken Legs with Choice of Dippin' Sauce, Carrot Wedges, and Short Video of IMT AF-80 Changing Drill Bits.

#3) Kosher Sloppy-Joe, Green Salad, and Short Video of IMT AF-80 Drilling Rig Being Used as a Pile Driver.

For those readers in a hurry, I recommend the Kosher Sloppy-Joe.

As a service to our loyal non-reading audience, please consult the Picture Menu below and respond by pointing to the appropriate picture.





As Seen on YouTube

So a short Homily on #3. It has recently come to our attention that the IMT AF-80 Drilling Rig is being used as a pile driver to pound in the piles for the foundation of the Armory Plaza. Who says? People living a few blocks away. Why all that pounding? It seems that this new technique, where the majority of the boring process takes place enclosed within the pipe, has a little flaw. Sometimes the pipe simply refuses to go in and then it needs to be "persuaded". It's kind of like pre-drilling a slightly smaller pilot hole in a nice piece of oak, placing the screw, and then using a hammer to pound it in. It works, but a screw driver would work a little better.

Putting the "N" back in "IMBY".

Judging by this collection of complaints from all over the neighborhood, pile driving in residential areas is still highly stigmatized, unfairly some might say, for its uncivilized, medieval nature.
Complaint, Complaint, Complaint, Complaint, Complaint, Complaint, Complaint, and Complaint.

Oh yeah, "Man walks into a bar."

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